Stock Photos

Here at Shore Thing Creative, let’s discuss what needs you have for your business and provide you with a host of options. Also developing customized stock needs is also an option.

Stock photography

Stock photos are everywhere and all free right? Wrong! These photos are used similarly just like stock footage in films. There are two options when buying stock photography – royalty free and rights managed.

Royalty Free Stock Photos

Royalty free stock photos are just what the name implies – the photos are free from any royalties every time the user or buyer uses the photo they bought. Please know that royalty free stock photos do not mean that you the buyer are not purchasing the license. The buyer purchases the royalty only once to utilize the photo.

The buyer can use the photo multiple times for different purposes. However, there is a limit to how many times you can reproduce for a print run. Please contact me for any additional reproductions as there is an extra cost – $1 to $5 per photo. Production companies with large print run? See rights managed section.

Rights Managed Stock Photos

Rights managed stock photos is more regulated. Rest assured that the image will not be used or sold to another user that may conflict with the interest of your business.

Basically the buyer is buying the right to use my photo for a specific purpose.

There are several factors to consider:



Specific use

Print run




Territory (where the print will be used)

Cost are approximately $25 to $100 per photo (based on usage, production, distribution, and where it will be used)

Resolution and Size of the Stock Photos

The size of the photo determines the price.

High resolution digital photos – $25

Low resolution digital photos – $5

Please consider supporting local when making selection in any business transaction!

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